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I-Angel Newborn Baby Love Pad
I-Angel Newborn Baby Love Pad
I-Angel Newborn Baby Love Pad
I-Angel Newborn Baby Love Pad
I-Angel Newborn Baby Love Pad

Kategori Usia (Bulan) :

  • 0 - 6
  • 6 - 12

Berat Anak Max :

  • 7500 Kg

Berat Produk :

  • 0.8 Kg
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GIGEL.ID menyewakan I-Angel Newborn Baby Love Pad yang merupakan newborn insert dudukan tambahan untuk bayi anda yang masih kecil sehingga nyaman saat digendong menggunakan I-Angel Newborn Baby Love Pad.
T-shaped Safety BeltDouble-Lock: Fasten at waist, one more between legs!
Support FoamHolding your baby’s neck and back
2-way Adjustable BeltAdjustable based on development stages!
CE CertificationCertified by strict and scrupulous CE!CE Marking No.: EN13209-2:2005
It can be trusted because of the name of i-angel- It is made with organic materials and can be used without worrying about its safety.- The vent hole inside the LOVE PAD facilitates ventilation.- The padded curved line supports the baby’s head and neck, as well as its spine in a natural and comfortable manner.- The size can be adjusted, depending on the baby’s stage of growth.- The mini chair can be detached and used separately once the baby is more than 3 months old.
Why your baby loves i-angel Love Pad- Keep Baby’s Spine in C-shape
Comfortable Sitting with 9 Vent Holes- 9 vent holes within i-angel Love Pad facilitate ventilation, making if fresh and comfortable for your baby to sit on.

Detailed instructions:
Safely holding the neck in placeWith the wide neck supporting area, it is possible to cover the whole of the baby’s neck and head, meaning the baby is able to feel the softest and most comfortable touch with the snug quilting.
Buttons with length adjustabilitySnap buttons with size adjustability depending on the growth stage of the baby.
Ergonomic BeltThe belt is designed to help your baby sit in an M position, while it strongly supports their waist and legs.
Detachable Mini ChairMade with premium materials, it is soft but loses its shape, Not to mention being detachable!

- usia: 0-3 bulan
- berat anak: 3,5-7,5 kg

*belum termasuk carrier I-Angel Hipseat

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Berat Produk : 0.8 Kg
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